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Michelangelo back in Carrara

Yes he’s back in these quarries. This time for a selected crowd to experience just how the Renaissance genius who sculpted the world renowned David felt when he came to select this very precious white stone. And that crowd includes myself as I try to learn everything I can about Carrara marble.

The quarry in Carrara

“Michelangelo - Endless” is the name of the first art movie on the Italian sculptor who left his mark on universal art. It wad directed by Emanuele Imbucci. Today it is being shown first in the Ruggetta quarry where it was shot and will be released for all to watch in Italian cinemas on Sept. 27.

Jeeps picked us up and brought us inside the quarry - just for a night turned into the most special cinema I have ever been in

This is what the cinema looked like today

And here is my report on the marble quarries of Italy for Voice of America

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