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How we met... the wrinkled newspaper story

We're sitting at breakfast at the best hotel in Perugia, Italy. Day 1 on the job for Giulia, my new young and clearly smart and keen assistant.

“Your job every morning”, I say, is to pick up all the national and local papers. “Sure no problem”, she says, wanting to please me and show willingness on the job. “I need to go through them and make sure I know everything that is being written on our story”, I say. Off Giulia goes to the newsagent and comes back with a pack of Italian newspapers. She sits at the breakfast table again with a cup of coffee and starts going through the papers. “Lesson number 2”, I say, “Don't ever touch my papers before me!” In her mind: “What kind of ogre am I working with?”

We became sisters and partners in crime since.

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