When in Venice...

May 24, 2018


Venice is probably the most inspiring, scenographic, striking city to film in in Italy. Yet, it is also one of the most complicated.


All transportation is via water, the narrow streets make it hard to transport bulky equipment, there are steps everywhere making wheels of any type and shape useless and it is a true labyrinth of streets and canals.

It is also the most expensive city in Italy. A 10 minute boat taxi ride can cost up to 80 euros, luggage transportation and porters generally coast around 300 euros per hour, most hotels have no elevators and if they do, they cost hundreds of euros per night.

Having a knowledgeable fast-thinking fixer, with good connections among the locals, is key to a stress-free, smooth-sailing Venice shoot. For example, the Venice town-hall and police require specific permits to shoot in the city center, not so easy to sort out and handle from abroad.

When in Venice, we arrange all boat transportation for crews and equipment for the best prices, know all the best palazzos and apartments for indoor interview locations, arrange for permits and location releases quickly, have a wide range of choices for accommodations and work with the best local electricians, porters, runners.

We can introduce you the most interesting English-speaking Venetians, from biologists to architects to art historians, so you get the best and most authentic characters to tell the story.


The city offers so much authenticity and unique views and angles. We can take you off the beaten-track and have you discover the hidden secrets and marvels of Italy's most charming city.










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