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The best Field Production in Italy


Sabina Castelfranco and Giulia Alagna met in Perugia in 2007, working side by side for CBS News, and have remained attached at the hip since.


Combining Sabina's years of experience in Radio and Television production with Giulia's Italian-American insight into one of the world's most fascinating countries, we provide cutting-edge production and exclusive reports, as well as top-notch assistance when filming and reporting in Italy.

As long as we're with you, it will be smooth sailing.

Let us deal with it!

Whether you need to produce short or long format, we're here to provide full assistance and help you deliver quickly, efficiently and at the highest level.

Pre-production: story research, gather documents and information, find contacts, characters and locations. 

Planning and logistics: location scouting, transportation, permits, accommodation, equipment rental, accreditations and filming authorizations.

Crews: book your local crew, choose your equipment, hire the best camera operators, sound and lighting technicians, drone operators, grips, runners, hair and makeup, editors and more.

Filming: constant attention during all filming to ensure a smooth shoot and quick fix to any hiccups.  

Post-production: video and audio archive material selection and acquisition, obtain releases, fact-check, transcribe interviews, translate from/to the language of your choice (simultaneous, consecutive, written). 

Sabina Portrait.jpg

Sabina Castelfranco

Radio and Television Journalist with 30 years of experience as a Correspondent and Producer, Sabina Castelfranco was born in Buenos Aires, grew up in Italy, Spain and America and graduated at the London School of Economics. After passing the Italian State exam as a professional journalist, she became a reporter for Vatican Radio, CBS Radio and Voice of America among others. Since 1998 she works as a producer for CBS 60 Minutes and freelances for all major American, British and Australian networks.

Giulia with camera Giglio.JPG

Giulia Alagna

Giulia Alagna has been one of Italy's best known and recommended Italian-American fixers since 2007. Born in Italy from an American literature teacher and professional tour guide and a Sicilian business man, she began her career with CBS's 48 Hours as a fixer and researcher on the Amanda Knox case, while still a university student in Perugia, Italy. She freelances throughout Italy as a stringer and field producer, covering a wide range of stories, for international print and broadcasters. 

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